7pm, Boston Express bus, Slightly North of Boston.
I'm on the bus, sitting next to Kyle, who has informed me that there is a power outlet next to us. awesome! Kyle is going to boston to the symphony, I'm going to catch a train. The fact that I'm on the bus is important, as I missed the first bus.

Here's the story: I packed a bit before karate, but clearly not enough. I ate and practiced cello before my lesson, and Mr. Beiniek offered to let me stay late but I had a bus to catch. Drat!

I raced home, and by raced I mean -the speed limit- I packed quickly, literally throwing stuff into my bag. I grabbed my garment bag and -ran- to the bus station. I have 15 minutes to get there, and it's 1.5 miles. It's 80F, I'm sweating abundantly, I have 2 minutes to spare, and the nice lady behind the counter says the bus already left.

Oops. Without shouting at anyone, I left. My anger showed on my face and my pace out the door. Mom came to the rescue but there was no way we could make the train, it would simply take too long. We ate and I called amtrak, who were angels and simply moved my reservation later. Yes! We picked up some food and water (because I didn't have time to pack them the first time) and Mom dropped me off at the bus station and continued on her day. I owe you Big Time, Thanks Mom.

Neil Gaiman's second(?) book of short stories: Fragile Things will be my primary source of entertainment until my train (Amtrak #169) arrives in NYC at 10:50pm. I have an hour layover in South Station where I hope to buy another book. I brought three but the other two are comic books (flight, volumes 1 and 2).

8:35pm, 'The Quiet Cabin', Amtrak train 169 in Some Part of Conn.
"Things Forgotten"
I ate my dinner in South Station without napkins. One other item I've forgotten: iPod power/connection cable. Hopefully my NYC friend, Dana, will have some way to charge it. If I had a digital camera worth taking, I would have brought it. The sunset alone would have been worth it.

This is The Quiet Cabin, no cell phones please. Please be courteous to those around you. Please keep all conversation hushed and to a minimum. Please turn off all electronic equipment that beeps or makes noise of any kind. I've been listening to my iPod for several hours, now I'm listening to my laptop because it's plugged in. There is a power outlet in plain sight right next to me. Mom, you would also like to know that this cabin is clean, even the windows have recently been washed. The cabin lights and AC are on. There is plenty of room for both of my carry on items, though I had to take my bicycle helmet out of my backpack and put it up overhead wih my garment bag. When I put the bag up there, I was very afraid I would forget it. I was also afraid I'd fall asleep and miss my stop (the train goes to Washington DC), as I was a zombie for the first 2 hours in the train; consequently I have been remixing my naptime playlist with quiet music I can sleep to. Infrequently the power will go out in the cabin, as I'm sure it happens with all cabins and subway cars. I do not see this as a problem. Since the AC and lights go out, the cabin becomes even more peaceful. This never happens for more than a minute or two, but those trying to read probably do not enjoy it as much as I do =)

It's just now getting dark outside. Soon there won't be enough light for me to see out the windows. I should have tried to talk to the girl behind me. I didn't want to interrupt, and this *is* the quiet cabin....

With nearly 2 hours left in this leg of my commute, I'm going to try to take a nap, though I am curious what I could find in the snack car...
*listening to Satie: Gymnopédies - 1. Lent Et Douloureux

2:21am, The Couch, Dana's apartment, NYC
After a seemingly endless subway ride, fried chicken (for Dana), and hours of Rock Band, I'm finally calling it a night.

What a day!

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