Bike Log special: Awkward Ride

For the past few years I had been using some old beat up clipless pedals (Shimano PD M525) & shoes on my mountain bike. When I bought my beautiful new road bike, I gave the regular clip-in pedals a try, and they weren't bad. In fact they were much better than nothing, they were better than walking, and they were better than carrying the bike on my shoulder. The Goodales guys recommended another pedal system (Shimano R540) and shoes, but for $150 the pedal system will need to be able to do my laundry for me before I buy them (read: I'll probably buy them next year).

Well, today I had the pedals replaced. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the shoes. (It's only half a mile, I didn't think it would be a big deal). So I have these sneakers on these tiny nub-pedals, and let's just say better connections have been made. It was an awkward ride home.

But wait, there's more.

While I was there, I bought a stand up tire pump. (Thanks C___ for showing me the light of reason). Now first you must understand I tried every other way I could to get this in my bag, but it simply does not fit. In the end I had it stuffed down handlefirst, with the (sharp) metal feet sticking up and out. It didn't look graceful, but it would work.

I hopped on the bike, and the slippery pedal connection was suddenly the least of my problems. As I rolled down the ramp from Goodales, the pump wedged itself under the back ridge of the helmet, forcing my head down.

Fleeting moment of panic. I could not see!

After some rolling adjustments; after bending my back in inhuman ways; after tilting my head to an awkward angle, I could see. I rode home this way, all crooked and awkward.

Then I did a grocery run with my old SPD shoes, and suddenly I could feel that old power again. I felt like I was one with the bike, and that I was flying. Oh yes, what a difference!

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