Bike Log: Learning to Fly

~21mi, 1h18m57s (to Manchester)
Karate round trip: 3.4mi, twice.
Grocery store: 2.8mi
total distance: 30.6mi

21.7mi, 1h13m43s (home, from Manchester)
max 33.8mph, avg: 17.7mph
77F, Odo 261.5mi

*WOW! The new road bike is about 5mph faster than my old mountain bike. I knew it would be better, but I didn't expect the difference to be that dramatic!
*I have not perfected the route yet, and took some wrong turns that wasted time and threw my numbers off. Next Saturday I'll do it again, and have accurate numbers.
*I bought a new odometer that also measures temperature and average speed.
*Decommissioned my old FOX Mojave gloves. The pads have gone flat after 10 years.
*I'm still using the clipped pedals that came with the new bike. The old spd pedals are still on the old bike. I'm hoping for a significant performance increase when I ride with those pedals. The old bike may still be in the shop until Wednesday, though I may pay them a visit today to adjust the front sprocket and pick up those pedals. Or I could take a giant nap. =)

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