Bike Log Returns!

Goodales Nashua came through with amazing service on the warranty of my bike odometer. I had a new one in my hands in no less than 60 seconds after saying "warranty," and that's because it took the clerk that long to pull one off the display and out of the box. I was beside myself with the quality of service. I bought a new lock on the spot out of thanks (the old lock's key bends and twists and never, ever, unlocked on the first try)

To work this morning:
6.6mi, 28m30s

6.4mi, 23m48s *new best return time
max 28.5mph
Odo: 171.4mi

*Not sure how I managed 2/10ths of a mile longer trip to work vs from work, I'll have to fine-tune my route inside the fidelity raceway. I might not even bother finding the shortest path; it's much more beautiful around the back side of work with the lake adorned with ducks, geese, a swan, and the spring sun
*This week should be my first full week of riding to work every day. So far I've had to drive one day or two out of each week.
*New bike Friday!

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