Take a Walk

My chain snapped at the entrance to work. I decided to walk the rest of the way barefoot.
It snapped at 20 minutes, on a hill. I coasted down the rest of the hill before hopping off the bike:
5.5mi, 23m49s. Walked last 1.1mi barefoot. Arrived after 40min.
max 27.8mph(!)
39F, Odo 202mi

Afternoon edit: I fixed the chain during my lunch break. I simply removed the frozen link. Now the chain works beautifully.

6.6mi, 24:09
max 29.9mi
80F, Odo 209mi

Then, I drove the mountain bike to Goodales for a tune up. It will be ready on Wednesday. While at the shop I bought the new bike! Yay!
I was running late, so instead of going to get a check from my friend (for the bike) I just drove up to Manchester to have dinner with mom. It was delicious!
Then two karate classes: one black belt class, one new second degree black belt class. It was fantastic. Then sweetened strawberries + balsamic vinegar + vanilla ice cream = more deliciousness. Last, a quick ride around the block on my new bike, and a leisurely drive home.

Tomorrow I'm going to ride the new bike up to Manchester at 7am for the 9:45am black belt class, take my cello lesson at noon, go to Noodle Wars (sword fighting with pool noodles) at the karate studio, see the Forbidden Kingdom, then ride home if I feel adventurous.

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