Sushi, wine, and the internet

My network is broken. I will need to replace my router, as it is malfunctioning.

I took my mother out for sushi and we ordered all our favorite maki. Thank you Gift Check!*

I learned to stop on my longboard today. I spent hours walking up this small hill and riding back down, then turning as sharply as possible, eventually sliding the wheels out into a skid, and stopping abruptly. Usually I would propel myself into the air. I didn't leave until I had injured myself doing a toe-side skid, I landed on my thumb. Ow.

Now, after re-loading the firmware on my router 3 times, and resetting the factory defaults 4 times, I am able to access the internet. My roommate, wireless, cannot. I will call Linksys tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: The Peabody Essex Museum

*My co-workers in Boston brought me cake and a gift check and a laptop bag. They are sweet and I miss them already. I must go back to Boston soon.

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