First day back

My first day back was not nearly as bad as I expected. It's true, the calls were back to back all day, the customers were not as polite as the Boston customers, and I missed my Boston people. I was overjoyed to see my Merrimack people, my computer was much better setup for taking (48) calls, and I rocked. All day.

I came home and called Linksys and after running all their fixes they decided that the router was actually broken and needed replacing. My roommate bought it, so we'll have to find the receipt.

I had been planning on taking my longboard out on the now dry pavement and practice stopping, but instead I had a long conversation with my best friend M. Long. I wouldn't have traded that for anything. I learned something vital about my current situation, and spoke with an old friend for a long time.

Then I taught my two favorite classes at Kenpo. I taught the class my aunt and cousin take (the black belt preperation class), and the beginner class. The former because my actual family is now part of my Kenpo family, in addition to being the highest level class I teach; the latter because... there is so so much energy. The students in the beginner class work tremendously hard; they make me so very proud. I love to teach.

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