Last night, I worked the late shift. My train was to leave North Station at 7:35pm. My shift ended at 6:55pm. That means I had to FLY from 200 Seaport to North Station, about 2 miles, in less than 40 minutes. The Subway takes about that much time, and the next train is an hour later. In short, I had to move.

I travelled light, jumped on my longboard, and pushed hard. I arrived at 7:08, feeling like I'd conquered the streets of Boston!

Wednesday night I only did half my workout because I felt ill. Only 100 pushups and 100 crunches.

Today is my last day in Boston. I feel sad to leave, like I've failed. I had this image of moving to Boston and somehow still maintaining active Kenpo training in Manchester. It's a dream that nobody seems to think I can accomplish. I feel at home in Boston. I feel empty without Kenpo.

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