Karate Picnic

Yesterday was a perfect day for the picnic. It was bright and sunny and warm but not too hot. There were plenty of activities going on when I arrived: frisbee, vollyball, catch, baseball, swimming, etc.
My event was Noodle Wars. This is one of my favorite games in the world. You fight with noodles, pretending to cut off limbs, eventually vying for a headshot that ends the duel. You can go straight for a headshot, of course, if you're quick =)
My group was a collection of kids around ten and under. I was fortunate enough to have more volunteers than pairs of noodles, so we could swap out when parents got tired. At first this meant I got to manage the line, which is not quite as boring as you might think. Children allow their excitement to show on their face, it was plain to see everyone was having a good time.
When it was my turn to duel with the kids, I decided to make it entertaining for everyone. The kids loved it. I was being loud and all kinds of dramatic... and letting kids win sometimes. Lose the ego, gain everything. We all had so much fun!
We raffled off a bike and a limo ride to Maine for Sushi and 6 months free at the studio and more.
The last big event was dodgeball, and it was a blast. I was ousted pretty early in every game we played, but that didn't keep me from helping the losing team every once in a while =)

After the festivities ended, I had a bite to eat then went to watch Jeff Dunham with some other students. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

What a day!

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