Jogging, Kung fu

On Sunday morning I started the second week of jogging.

5 minute walk then
90 seconds jogging
2 minutes walking
for 20 minutes

However, I did not finish. I realized I was going to be late and decided to run home. Not a dead run, but at least jog back to my door. I jogged for 8 minutes without stopping.
I am very proud. I'll skip to week 4 (week 5 ends with a 20 minute jog.)

Kung fu means "to practice".
Sunday evening was spent in Boston with my girlfriend. L__ studies Boabom, a Tibetan martial art. I had asked L__ to watch me run my forms as I enjoy showing off, and L__ has a test soon, and wanted to practice.

I was very impressed by L__'s technique, she was very strong and clearly knew what she was doing. However attractive I find the martial arts, I will always be more impressed by competence. L__ was impressed with my forms and techniques, also. We both had a good time comparing notes and styles.

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