Last Extension Techniques

We finished the list, some were so good they didn't warrant corrections! Yay!

Clutching Feathers - Outward Extended
Locked Wing - BK insert. 1 backnuckle: collar, 2 claws, pin sweep chin, stomp neck
Striking S. Head - step w/elbow
Thrusting Salute - =)
Shielding Hammer - claw
Grip of Death - =)
Scraping Hoof - rear crossover right rear stomp
-- back kick, drop kneel, front kick to chin. (spin version)
5 Swords - index eye slice
Glancing Salute - slices
Lone Kimono - out extended
L. Horns - =)
Gift Destruction - rebound
-skipped Dance of Death
Triggered Salute - =)

also, spar wars was amazing!

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