The Free Cycle

This is the last five week cycle of the year. For the black belts, it doesn't really integrate into our promotion cycle, so it's 'free.' We won't be tested on the material, so we can do some crazy wild extra stuff, and I'm wicked excited about what Mr. Mackenzie chose for material for this cycle: Mass attack and the Staff set.

I never really picked up the staff set, so having it for five weeks will be the repetition I need to really burn it in and keep it. It's a fun set to have and practice. Everyone likes to swing a big stick!

Mass attack, defense from multiple attackers, is practically my favorite thing ever. You have to stay efficient: block, evade, or roll off attacks and counter effectively, while keeping mind of the other attackers. Use the closest member as a shield from the others while you strike, strangle, break, or maul him. Never stop moving, do not put your back to the other attackers. Throw the last attacker into the next. You must be ferociously efficient with your strikes, footwork, and motion. It feels like being a small black hole where planets are flying at you. If you stay in one place too long, they all converge at the same time and get pulverized.



Mel_Mega said...
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Mel_Mega said...

I watched the class with the staffs.. woohoo! is right! Very impressive looking. I love weapons. I am only allowed sticks (and foam ones at that!) at this level and we have practiced with fake knives but I really feel an aptitude for it. I can not wait to try out five swords with a knife! Yippee...

BTW: I finally got an invitation to SWAT!

Mr. Karate said...

yay!! I knew you will be great SWAT. I'm really proud of you Mel!