2nd Private

I've just returned home from my second private interview. I was late leaving work, so we had to reschedule to 7pm, but we worked through a good portion of the remaining techniques. Here are my notes.

Snapping Twig - elbow, hammerfist, PALMHEEL (shove head)
No twist w\uppercut.
Twirling Wings - Land close kneel
Evading the Storm - minor/major, TO 90ยบ ... Land forward w/kick
wrist throw w/club to face, kick upwards
Captured Leaves - Lifting kick (end)
Crashing Wings - 2 kick end
Raining Claw - upper-body english (poke) - contact w/head
Repeating Mace - Step to rear 45, raking inverted fist (palm up)
kick leg, then go behind. side kick, cross elbow etc, end w/knee kick, stomp groin!

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