So much to do

If you're reading this, my apologies for not posting sooner. You may have guessed I'm a busy guy. Needless to say, I've passed the big goal and have my 3rd Degree Black Belt. Now I have my sights set on Japan. Watashi-wa Nihon-go ga sukoshi wakari-masu. I'd been looking at Iaido, but since I read Autumn Lightning by Dave Lowry I'm a changed man. Kenjutsu all the way!

I'll explain why but first a little Fighting Philosophy:
Kung Fu and other Chinese martial arts are very flowing, rapid striking arts with lots of circular movement.
Shotokan and other Japanese martial arts are very rigid and powerful. Linear arts with the 'one punch one kill' philosophy. Block and strike, done.
Kenpo combines these two philosophies, circular and linear. One punch should end the fight, but if it doesn't, I have a follow up. I stay standing and my stance is very important (as opposed to grappling on the ground, where the attacker's friends may easily kick me). I'm trained to defend against multiple attackers, in a modern setting, with modern weapons: clubs, knives, guns.

I want significantly different motion, but not a philosophy change.
Iaido is a beautiful, serious art based on the most efficient draw of the sword. But again it seems to be perry strike done. It goes so far as to include cleaning the blade after your strike. Where is the follow up? Where is the margin for error? What about multiple attackers?
For these reasons I will seek out Kenjutsu.

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