When is my test?

As I prepared for this incredible Once In A Lifetime test, I never thought to ask what day it would be. I practiced everything, and was ready every day.
People seemed amazed that I didn't know when it would happen. I didn't have an answer to this quandary, nor an argument for why I shouldn't care.
So I asked. Twice.

In retrospect this was, of course, a mistake. As Mr. Kimbal told me, "you don't want to know." The anticipation will kill you.
I had the right answer, you see: be ready now. Be a 3rd already. It shouldn't matter when the test is, if I'm already a 3rd the teachers will undoubtedly see it in me. But now I have my argument for the people who ask. I don't know, I don't care, I should be ready every day.
Now I have an idea when the test is, but recognize where my practice is lacking. Will practice tonight.

Repetition is memorization. I am a 3rd, undoubtedly.


The Devil Dog said...

You most certainly ARE a third.

Mrs. Karate

Mel_Mega said...

I think you are AT LEAST a third! (Much more if you ask me...)

I can understand how you felt: inside you knew that the date was not important. The only important thing was to accept what you already knew: you are ready for the test, whenever it may come. But was are all shaken by the insecurities of others.

I am having the same experience with my exams (my comps for my PhD). They are this week (Friday and Wednesday). I am ready, I am not doubting. If I do not know if by now, I will not learn it by then. So why stress about when they are... except maybe a little to make sure I show up on time! :)

You are the best!
We believe in you!
You believe in you!
What more do you need?

Have a great day..

Mr. Karate said...

Mel, you're the best.