Second Test

Little Jacob ran his best ever last weekend, and if he does that again Saturday, he'll pass the second test. The whole team is rooting for him.

I had the idea to split the team into pairs, and it worked wonderfully. All but one group caught on immediately. It was poetry. Now we're all working together!

I have two tests this week at the karate studio:
  • Saturday is the second test for 3rd black. There is a third test in five weeks, followed by the final test before Mr. White and other high level black belts on the board of directors. That is the wholly comprehensive test. Yes, they do mean EVERYTHING.
  • Thursday is a regular step exam. 6 techniques, stick work, and form 6.
Yesterday I ran all 14 techniques (8 for the test, 6 for the step exam). As a warmup, we did 460 straight punches, 138 front kicks, and 115 pushups!

Today I worked out:
25 pullups (sets of ten)
100 crunches, while cycling legs.
50 pushups
The Staff Set
Form 6

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