The Date

I am so excited! Today is the day we set the date for the third degree test. More later when I actually have a date. Also, I did 64 techniques today.

OK here's the deal: In January I'm starting a 15 week training program set by Mr. White. That puts the actual test day in May. Nostalgia note: I earned my 1st degree black belt on May 2nd, 1998. This couldn't be more perfect. I'm ready for the test, but this will be much appreciated polishing.


Mel_Mega said...

I was thinking about your 64 techniques today and wanted to ask you: how do you chose which ones to focus on? Now that I have a couple to work with, I have been separating by attack. I am working on all right punches now.

Thank you for all of your help this week!

Mr. Karate said...

My separation was by necessity, I needed to do lots since I have to know them -all- for Third Black.

You are on the right path, separating by attack! You can also try grouping your practice by the angle of attack, or any of the many other categories:

take downs,
grab attacks,
etc, etc, etc.

Mel_Mega said...

Prance of the Tiger is the only one that I have at the moment that is a 45 degree and not a 90 (like dominating circles) or 180 like any of the front or rear attacks. (Maybe grip of death since the attack is meant to go on the 45 between 9 and 12??).

I finally got a bag in the house for practicing. It is pretty light weight so I think I will focus on speed and accuracy and not on force!

Please say hello and happy holidays to the worlds greatest teacher for me!