Resting up

As I stated previously, I'm giving my body a bit of a break. I'm still cycling to work, but I'm getting more to eat and (trying to) get to bed sooner.

That being said, I rode my second century yesterday(!), and it was fantastic. I have yet to write a full report, however I do have a hilarious update today. Here's an excerpt:

"... I’m going to drop my handlebars by inverting the stem, then add this swanky new 53 tooth cog to my front sprocket. Hopefully the end result will have me gasping for breath sooner, crying for my mommy louder, and collapsing from exhaustion right off the start line. As you may have guessed, I have high expectations. (Parental guidance is suggested for this next image, which may not be suitable for all ages.)"
Please check it out!

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