Last night's Tango was astonishing. I was in awe once I started watching the people who had more experiance than I did; which is to say, any. I was learning Argentinean Tango, so it was very freeform, and this was not ballroom.

The most difficult parts were (of course) re-learning things I already knew. In Kenpo, you never broadcast your motion. In Tango, you always do. In Kenpo, as a rule, you never stand with both feet together. In Tango you're always standing with your feet together (ok, unless you're moving which should be all the time...). Then there's walking. Let's just say I could walk before I got there, but now I need to practice.

I loved it. I watched, I danced, I lead, I followed, I enjoyed it all. Now I must wait 2 weeks.


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Fargo said...

So how was the latest class?